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Just had a hot breakfast brunch catered by Smith Street Deli and they literally gave us every single thing we would need, from bagels, pastries, coffee, all utensils, everything to salt and pepper packets!! Amazing!! —J.P.

“This is one of the better delis I have been to on Long Island, it is legit.” —A.G.

“Must haves: Smith St. Wrap for breakfast, Psycho Chicken for lunch.” —L.L.


“Good variety of sandwiches and breakfast food and everything I tried tastes great.” —A.M.


The best!! I go there EVERY day!! The food is beyond fresh and the deli is immaculately clean!! The service is amazing–even when it looks like the line is a mile long!!! (Obviously there’s a reason for that!!!) Whenever I tell anyone that I’m stopping at ‘Smith St.’ , they ALWAYS have me bring something–anything from fresh (iced) coffee or tea to a signature or custom wrap or sandwich!!! Did I say? THE BEST!! —R.P.


You can tailor any sandwich or dish just the way you like it and coupled with their great cold cuts or prep aired salads you have a great experience. Plenty to select from, I use them to cater business Lunch & Learns for my teams and all remark about the freshness and good taste. Enjoy.


This deli is great! Of course it serves the usual breakfast and cold cut sandwiches, but the hot food is fantastic! The serving sizes are generous, the food well wrapped so it doesn’t leak and utensils are available upon request. They also give wrapped handiwipes as well as napkins. The roast beef is perfectly done, when they serve hot corned beef, the slices are thick, tender and lean. We even loved their chicken fingers. You can text or call in an order, to save time. If you are going lunchtime during the week, get there by 11:55 if you don’t want to wait. It is popular with everyone: construction, the cable guy (lol) and the local businesses. While there may be a line, there are plenty of workers and they are extremely organized and move quickly. Once, I had been given the wrong chicken salad and I said something the next day because it may have been a confusion of the actual name of the salad, possibly on my part. He apologized and gave me my sandwich for free! There are several tables and chairs to eat inside, if you’d like as well as comfortable benches outside.


This deli is the best;cleanest and well run in Merrick or the surrounding area. The staff of mature adults who have been there for years make this a place to get well prepared food and sandwiches and everything else you could want in a deli. When soup salads or sandwiches is on your menu go here, There is even a nice area to sit and eat.


This deli is always crowded and with good reason. The food is fresh and fabulous. I have ordered from the Smith Street Deli many times and never had a complaint.